Some of My

Favourite Things.

Here are some of my fav. social selling tools & products to get connected with potential clients and accelerate your biz growth!


For attention-grabbing

email newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to connect with potential and existing clients about what services your biz offers and how it can benefit your audience. Flodesk is the best program for designing beautiful email newsletters with ease, and one that we use constantly!

Rebecca's Tip: One amazing feature of Flodesk is that you can duplicate your workflows if you want to reuse certain emails or swap out bits and pieces saving you and your team time. You can also save any email as a template to reuse later!

Google Workspace

For unlimited online connectivity

for you and your team

Google Workspace is the way of the future, truly! This tool is a full-service virtual office space that your team can use to work on projects for clients together without having to be in the same room. Remote work is the way to go!

Rebecca's Tip: We use Google Workspace for all of our employees as it houses our most used tools, including email, video calls, calendars, document storage, and file sharing, just to name a few. The drive feature is my favourite because I can share proposals with clients easier!


For notes, goals, templates &

everything organization

It's way too easy to have a sea of loose sheets of paper, a filled whiteboard, and too many sticky notes, but through Evernote, you can consolidate these all into one place and anyone on my team can access and edit them too!

Rebecca's Tip: Evernote is my secret project managing weapon! It allows my entire team to access client meeting notes, virtually collaborate on projects and return to previous virtual brainstorming sessions whenever they want to. You can also scan in documents to annotate virtually later, either alone or with your team.

Book A Call With Me!

Want to know how to better use these tools in your daily business? Or just want to find out where there are gaps in your social media strategy? Not only can I help with this, but I also offer my Done For You option where my team and I come up with the best social selling and digital marketing practices for your brand!


For templates for social media, documents,

videos & link sharing

Even if you aren't the most digitally inclined, you can still create stunning images for your social platforms on Canva. Canva has templates for social media posts, posters and infographics, and even business cards. If you aren't using Canva, you're missing out.

Rebecca's Tip: Canva Pro's resize feature is one of my favourites for time-saving. Not only does Canva have templates for Instagram or Facebook posts, with the resize feature, you can also quickly turn that feed post into a story post with no extra hassle!


For Instagram visual scheduling

& hashtags

The way your social media feed looks can be just as important as what's on it! We use Planoly to make sure that our feeds are aesthetically pleasing and ultimately, that the flow of images makes sense. This tool can be used for either yourself or for your clients, it's the best of both worlds.

Rebecca's Tip: Planoly is perfect for entrepreneurs because of its ability to schedule social posts and store hashtags. I also use this tool for planning as you can create boards for unique projects. It allows you to set due dates, colour coordinate and even add links to the board!!



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