About Me.

Hey there entrepreneur, I'm Rebecca. Nice to meet you.
I TEACH service-based entrepreneurs & coaches how to grow & scale online to 7 Figures in their business. My clients have gone all the way from 6 figures to scaling to $20k, $50k, even $70k+ months. If you're new to my world, welcome!


All about me...

I know that every business has a story to tell - stories that need to be engaged with, and that when used properly can drive sales beyond expectation as well as reach and exceed business goals. I have spent the past 18 years helping clients find the marketing solution that is best to tell their story in order to help their businesses grow.

I sell a program called “Get Clients Online” (yes, that is literally the name of my program) where I teach my clients the structure they need to grow & guide them to getting things done. But the strategies I give away for free. (I'll show you where you can get them in a second) I love entrepreneurs & have worked with you guys since 2005 😳 I know! So if you are a service-based entrepreneur that is looking to grow to 7 Figures, but find yourself hitting the same ceiling over and over again... You can convert what is coming in & do ok but that’s not good enough for you & let’s face it, that can’t last forever.


Find your drive

You probably need help now, you probably needed help a month, likely last year at this time. It’s not going to change

if you don’t.

I'd like to invite you to see what can happen when you actually implement the right strategies and develop the right skills but this time you take the right actions as you grow & scale your business

Starting a service-based business is hard! You’re juggling, you want to provide for your team and your family at the same time & sometimes it feels like you don’t know what to do next but you’re determined to grow.

I want to eliminate myths about being an entrepreneur that get’s known online & sets up the structure needed to reach that next 100k It’s not that hard & it can actually be fun. Easy actually. If you can grow your clients vs lose, you’re doing better than most. Most business owners struggle. No offense, of course.


How I can help you

Remember earlier how I said, the strategies are free?

Well, I believe that reciprocity is one if the key ingredients to growing your business online this year.

Which is why I created Social Selling Growth Hustlers Facebook group where I dedicate sessions to getting over problems that service-based entrepreneurs face at they scale to 7-figures.

I hold live weekly trainings Thursdays at 12pm EST/10am MST helping solve problems like:

Attracting quality leads

Converting leads into qualified sales calls so your calendar is full of meetings with people who want to buy

Closing deals with people that buy multiple time

Getting referrals

Sales systems, setting it up to work without you

If you’re like most & struggle with 1 or more of those things, this group is for you

Join us here:


*************** When you're ready for my personal help in scaling, here's how I can help you: SOCIAL SELLING GROWTH HUSTLERS - My private Facebook group where I share all of my secrets in scaling a service-based business to 7 Figures. https://www.facebook.com/groups/socialgrowthhustlers GET CLIENTS ONLINE - The newest method of implementation designed to have you binge-implementing everything you’re learning ADVANCE ACCELERATOR LAUNCHPAD - The best way to get my individualized help for you & your team to implement the proven strategies I've developed to help you build your 7 Figure Service-Based Business. Want to discuss if we’re a good fit? Let’s hop on a 10-minute triage call dm me 'triage' & we can get set up

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